Two! No, six! No, twelve! Baker's dozen!

If last night I grabbed the chance to write because the call wouldn't come, tonight I have forfeited my writing time because another call did come. I've just hung up after helping my brother compile the baker's dozen of songs we most love playing on our iPods when we're in the same place--or, for that matter, over the phone when we're not in the same place. I'm not at liberty to list the songs or to talk about them here, because he's using the list for a professional obligation and there's no way I'm going to scoop that (though I hope he won't mind my having said that you'll know the number one if you know another word for pirate treasure). But I will note: there's nothing like saying, "Wait, how about this...?" and hitting the little play button on your iTunes and then holding the phone out so that someone you love, sitting two hundred miles away, can holler back, "Oh YEAH! That's awesome!" And getting to hash out where certain Beastie Boys songs should go in relation to one another, or how high up a certain Toto song should go--well, that's intellectual work moving at just about the critical speed my brain can handle after midnight this grey and snowy day.

For your edification, though, I'd suggest that you hit this site, the source of tonight's image--a poorly lit shot of what you might have mistaken for an apparently innocuous or even banal Lego building, did the site not inform you that it's "Professor Booty's Shack o' Booty Dance Club." Makes you think of that Britney Spears video, no? Come to think of it, her self-enslavement would have been a lot more interesting rendered in Legos, and I believe she would have scooped the White Stripes.