Because being home for the holidays has me feeling more diffuse than usual, I'm simply offering the message that was given to me by a lawn display on the edge of my family's town, as I rolled in late last night. No picture, alas, even though I was only going 30 and you all know I'm good for much more. Imagine it writ large in white lights.

And a last thought: happiness might be eating homemade guacamole around a kitchen table while the family dog paws and prances, hoping to seem adorably needy enough to earn a chip (or the whole bag). Or it might be knowing that everyone in one's family is doing precisely what s/he most wants to do, not least the dog who's curled up and sleeping beside one. Happy holidays, all you Christian and Jewish friends of mine; I think there's something lovely in the Christmas / (first-night-of-)Chanukah overlap this year.