Further down the coast.

Bright and early this morning, most of us set off for Lyme Regis, which you may know from Persuasion and/or The French Lieutenant's Woman and/or that time you drove a carload of twenty-year-old students there in 1996. Some of us arrived a little later than others. But all of us arrived to this weather, of all possible weathers.

After finally remembering to take a group picture, even if it only had 10 of my 14 in it, I happened upon a way that I could get most of us and me in the picture--so there we are and those of you keeping score at home know which one I am:

I had high hopes of finding fossils of my own on the beach, but, as has often been the case this year, travelling with this many people made it difficult for me to get myself zeroed in the way I know I would need to be in order to have a chance at finding any ammonites. But I will try again next weekend. In the meantime, I caught some views, including my favorite seabird, the cormorant:

some excellent sunset-stained seaweed:

the Cobb at late light:

and of course, the sea its inimitable self: