Three things that happened to me today.

I hate to put something else above OK Go and the Muppets, since that video feels to me as though it sums up about 80% of my generational and aesthetic sensibility. For what that's worth.

But here:

Though I have lived in this country--and even this specific county--before, I find myself having a harder time adjusting to the difference in climate this time. Not that it's unwelcome--I would trade even rainy cool weather for the hot sweatiness I had everywhere this summer, any and every time. What I mean is that I can sense myself knee-jerking in ways that aren't appropriate to what's actually going to happen. When I got up this morning, it was so brilliantly sunny that I drew the curtains before snoozing. A sunny day! I thought. Two hours later, it was pouring. Not raining a little bit. Pouring. Oh no! A rainy day after all! I thought. Both of these judgments were just not right for this climate: in the southwest, as I would have imagined I'd know by now, any given day is likely to be both a sunny day and a rainy day. Sometimes at the same time. (You may remember that that was the case in Cambridge, too, but there we had much less rain during the first month of my residency.) And indeed, we vacillated between sun and rain for the rest of the day and on into the evening, leading to this lovely phenomenon:

A setting sun rainbow!

Finally: during the late afternoon's sunny spell, I ventured back to the organic and local hypermarket to shop the outdoors store's late-summer sale (scoring some cut-rate waterproof hiking boots!) and to acquire dinner:

Chances are good that this image will either repel you utterly or leave you salivating. I don't know whether it's possible to feel at all moderately about takeaway fish and chips. "With salt and vinegar?" said the man behind the counter.

Yes. Oh, yes.

And sometime very soon, I'm going back for squid and chips: takeaway dish of the more idiosyncratically inclined, perhaps. I suppose it's fortunate that this particular Shed of Fish offers a healthy grilled option. But I don't know whether that means I'll ever take that option.

Also, Beloit's 2011 Mindset List came out today.