Really, Ohio?

March 30 is definitely not the latest date that we've had a cold snap; in 2007, you can recall, the mercury plunged on April 3 and days of below-freezing temperatures killed not only my tulip magnolia blooms but also lots of crops that rely on spring flowering. And in 2006, we had snow on the crocuses on March 21. So perhaps it shouldn't have been as startling as it was to look up from The Mill on the Floss early this afternoon and find that it was snowing--nor to walk out of the officehouse and the end of the day into an evening gone white all over.

My beloved Brooklynite's fabulously talented husband's documentary about autism came out yesterday and is wonderful. You should see it, especially if you have a connection to autism, especially if you know nothing about autism, especially if you are a person with friends having babies, especially if you are alive in the world right now. I was downright proud to watch it and rewound and watched many parts more than once.