Don't call it a comeback.

I know: it's been a long, long time. Over here, it hasn't quite felt like a long time; this semester has been one of the fastest-moving on record, for reasons I both can and can't tell you. This morning, I started contemplating moving the Cabinet off of this platform and over to Wordpress. And then I realized that that impulse was probably stemming from the fact that it's been so long since I even knew my Squarespace password that I've been locked in to my old design and feeling utterly unable to do anything about it. A few help forum searches later, and I had my password back and could try out a new look for this place. I'm still working on it, so if you have gut reactions about which I should know, feel free to share them--if you're even still here after all this time, that is.

As you might imagine, I now have hundreds of images from the first quarter of this year (and the very tail end of last year). They're also split between two cameras: my good old workhorse and the newer super-point-and-shoot I picked up in December, in the hopes that having a more portable camera would help get daily photographing back into my life. (Did it? Yes and no. Canon seems to have created a point-and-shoot that's in some ways far less intuitive than my DSLR. Or perhaps I'm just less used to intuiting its ways...)  

In the days ahead, you can expect to see:

  • the early days of one dog's life and the last days of another's;
  • glimpses both of the monastery and of the wack version of Los Angeles I experienced while there for work;
  • orchids, with assorted attached lessons about how they prove the difficulty of attaining focus;
  • fun trick photography from the Baltimore airport, where I got stuck for many hours on Oscar night and passed some of the time trying to learn the Miniature Effect on the little camera without being a total creep;
  • airports in general;
  • glass and ice;
  • perhaps the Parthenon (The Nashville Parthenon. I don't have those images yet, but I'm about to visit my excellent brother, and I wouldn't mind it if a Parthenon trip were on our agenda);
  • and my excellent parents' new Airstream.

I've been here for years.