Weather apocalypse!

This morning when I got up, Weather Underground (still my preferred weather site, despite that dippy rainbow they've used as their logo since at least the late 90s) warned me that the world was maybe about to end. Then, there were extra warnings that seemingly half the cities in the kingdom were going to be affected. (Upon second glance, I saw that it wasn't actually half the cities; it was just that "United Kingdom" was indicated for all of them.)

Since, by the time I saw these predictions, I had already watched permutation after permutation of bright sun + dark clouds + pouring rain + heavy wind + hidden sun + no rain, I played along and spent much of the day timing my outside time to coincide with periods when fast-moving clouds disburthening themselves were doing their work elsewhere. I still haven't seen snow here, and that's just fine with me. And my knee-high British wellies are arriving in tomorrow's post; these days, it turns out I'll need them just to get from my house to the main road without falling down in the muddy lane. I have a feeling I'm about to crawl into them and stay there until at least March. Puddles, mudslicks, tidal muck, and beaches, beware.