An outing to the Farm.

(Darts Farm, that is.)

I fall so far behind with you that I hardly know how to restart. So, a few glimpses of today--some from before and some from after the fried squid and chips:

This last one is something of a triumph: now that there's a footbridge over the Clyst, the river that runs in the pasture behind my house, it's possible to stop and take pictures without having to fear for one's life. I thought I was taking a picture of the light on the river at dusk (i.e., 4:40 p.m.). But when I got home and put these on the computer, I discovered that there was a heron there the whole time as well.

I read so much, but it's never enough--and I say that not as self-deprecation but as an exclamation that there's simply so much to learn. And just when I think I know what I'm looking at, it turns out that a heron is standing there, too.