So, friends, it's been a long time. In the, erm, six weeks or so since I last posted, I've taken three trips to London, one last weekend with all of my students, who arrived safely at the end of September. I've been to Bath. I've stayed overnight (with said students, though my strange partly-dug-into-the-cliff room was in a separate building) in a clifftop hostel in Tintagel. I've taught three weeks of my seminar on theatre, which has involved a crash course in all kinds of things I never knew about the history of theatre in general and recent British theatre in particular, ways of understanding theatrical experience, ways of trying to manage vehement student arguments over theatrical productions. During our first group trip to London, we saw a 9/11 show through which one person cried much of the time. This weekend, we go to Stratford, where one of the things we'll see will be Marat/Sade, in a production that (apparently) involves an onstage gang-rape. It's all touchy enough that the Royal Shakespeare Company actually called me today to talk about our seating (in the front row? who knew that wasn't a good idea? not I, to be sure)--though not because of the sodomy but rather because the production design involves ladders that extend over our row and into the circle above, and some recent attendees have complained, for superstitious reasons, about having to sit beneath ladders.

It's already been eventful! (Speaking of eventful, in a much funnier and weirder vein: one evening, I found a slug on the toilet seat in my home bathroom! And yesterday, there was a worm [or similar?] down in the toilet! Clearly my toilet is a Portal to Another World.)

Fortunately, we'll chase Marat/Sade with a heaping helping of Midsummer Night's Dream. As long as this Midsummer isn't something radical and dark, I suspect it will come as a relief to us all.

It's been too easy to let processing my pictures (among many other things in my life) slip, but I've decided to try to get at least an image up here for you each day, even if I can't (for one reason or another, generally because my head just feels full) get something written. A few glimpses of the past week (to follow my capture of Euston Station at sunset during the first group trip to London a couple of weeks ago):

a busy Sunday morning at the Russell Square Underground station

  a mama cow at work, Topsham

what it feels like here sometimes

the tide comes in, Topsham

graffiti, Exeter