Alive and sitting.

Last week was a big and crazy one; when we hit my birthday on Tuesday, it turned out that many people, one chief amongst them, had been planning and plotting, and I have photographs of my office (which the wide-angle lens was able to capture in full) that will make you smile.  When I get around to posting them.  Which might not be for a little while. 

Some things are constants: sitting on a cushion in the morning; sitting on a cushion in the evening; being a person to whom some young people gravitate while sorting out their lives and plans; feeling as though I might never catch up with the work left before me; leaving laundry in the dryer well beyond the time it's actually finished, simply because I forget to shut the dryer off before I leave the house; having a dog who wishes I'd spend more time focusing only on him.  

And the week coming up promises to be a big one, too.  In fact, they're all big ones, from here on out. I put one foot in front of the other, and ahead I go.