The dog started shaking his collar at 7:30 this morning.  That's not so early, really, for the dog; we've been getting up closer to 7 all year, and I was already in snooze cycle no. 1.  But I was enjoying the snooze cycle and thus wasn't looking forward to padding out to the kitchen.  I will say, though: this house's sunrise views generally start making it a pleasure to be out of bed almost as soon as I get to the kitchen. 

Today was the first non-first / non-introductory day of classes, which meant, in one class, that it was our first day in our lecture hall instead of our film screening hall.  Getting to know a classroom's set-up and dynamics is a different experience with every single group I teach.

Now I'm simply crossing my fingers and hoping to catch the pace and the pulse of the semester relatively soon, because there's much to be done both in and out of the classroom.