Days go by.

I find myself at the midpoint of yet another week, wondering how it is that things seem to be speeding past at quite this pace, and how it is that the Cabinet continues to go so neglected from day to day.  I have some theories about this, and I'm feeling my way through them until I have a chance to play them out in words.  For now, two of the things I saw on my way from officehouse to vehicle this evening.  (I have probably not even mentioned to you that I am now in my officehouse for something that almost resembles a workday, most days--in around 9:45, home anywhere between 5:45 and 7.  It is somewhat startling and has more to do with the large, furry beastie who's currently panting at my feet, hoping that I will drop him some cheesebread [which I won't, because it's all gone, but he won't believe me] than with almost anything else.  But I have probably also not mentioned that I'm driving in every day, which has as much to do with the sheer amount of stuff I'm lugging back and forth as with anything else.)

(Clearly there are things to say and to observe.)