A day in the life.

Today was that day when I got up at 7:15 and started working (grading papers first), then graded more papers, finally stopping after four so that I could go and teach a class, then started writing conferences twenty minutes after class ended, did four conferences, made some photocopies, taught another class, helped officiate at a meeting of an Important Group that was electing new members, had two more writing conferences, dashed home to feed and walk the dog, dashed back for one more conference, had four visitors to evening office hours (which I'd scheduled to make up for the ones I couldn't hold because I was grading papers in the morning), and finally arrived home for good at about 10:30, when I was able to clear up some Things that Needed to Be Done and then get ready to sleep.  You know.  That day, with the grading of five papers, holding of seven conferences, teaching of two classes, helping-run of (only) one meeting, advising of four students.  And though I am exhausted here at the end, I also know that only the tiniest fraction of that time was not well spent, which is its own blessing.  And the dog is happy that I'm finally home and in one place for the night.