After several days of silence.

I should just have told you in advance, but I'll tell you now: I'm up for tenure this year, and that means that I'm working double-time getting my materials together.  So much paper, you wouldn't believe.  (And the dog is getting very used to the office floor.)  Put the tenure deadline up against the beginning of the semester, and you've got one heck of a couple of weeks.  Not to mention that last week involved a) feeding a genuinely famous person and then moderating the screening of his newest film; b) meeting a new flock of advisees; c) undertaking first-year advising and registration; and d) performing onstage in my annual "I want to be a rock star" event.  And a haircut.

In about four days, I should be more on track. Most of all, I think I'm looking forward to getting back my margin of error; right now, it feels as though everything must keep going exactly as it's supposed to, lest everything should fall apart.

And so today's guest image-maker is my excellent friend, who this morning sent in the following images of her new home's glories.