Even without my telling you anything about how and why I came to be photographing a church path yesterday, or what lay at its end, I hope that you too will find this image compelling.  Today, all my images went onto the film camera, as crowds of tourists walked past me with no apparent recognition that I, too, was taking pictures.  Shooting with a medium format film camera now feels like going undercover, doing something secret and special.  One Japanese teenager (of a group of three, the other two of whom just hopped right into my picture and started taking their own pictures--which may have led me to photograph them, as well, just to capture a Cambridge summer completely) stepped back and looked over my shoulder as I finished framing up my shot and then let the shutter go.  Thwock, said the camera.  Whoa, said the teenager.  "It's film," I said to him.  "It's very, very old," he replied.

As of today, I have three days left to me here, and no idea when I'll be back once I leave, which means that leaving this week will be a substantially different process than leaving last year was.