When I say that the most exciting things happening these past few days have all been in my head, I mean that in the best sense: I've made a few connections that I didn't see coming, all by way of a book I'd never even heard of before my conference in London, and now I'm off and running, very happily, at the pace of a book and several films a day.  It's been too long since I've been able to get (and stay) this focused, this able to move through a series of ideas and texts and further ideas without having to go do something for someone somewhere else.  And I don't remember the last time before this week when I've been able to get in the car and go to Columbus without advance planning--not once but twice.

Today's trip was to see a work-related movie.  That's how I'm rolling these days.

Coming back, I took the extra-scenic route and discovered somewhere I could pull over and get a better look at this field.