Short parting.

Continuing to pack books for a move two weeks off, I have reached a point where I have to decide what goes to my old office (from there to be moved by others to my new office) and what goes to my next year's home, a process made all the more intriguing by the fact that I'm only roughly guessing at how many books I can fit onto the shelves I requested for the new office--shelves that I can see up in the windows of said office, every time I pass the new officehouse! and yet cannot visit or fill as of yet! 

The sorting process is easier if done while packing boxes, rather than after boxes have been delivered; I learned this first-hand when I had to sort through my book boxes in Rochester, the week after my move there, in order to find the things that I wanted to be able to reach during the year I lived there. 

Outside my study, a deer I cannot see steps slowly through the woods, crushing each time she moves.

The hardest thing about sorting books is keeping myself from not-packing the ones I think I'll read tomorrow.  These are many.