Speak and eat.

London looked nothing like this today, so I'm giving you a picture from yesterday.  My conference is taking place right next door to this building, which is almost hidden from the street--so that it was only because I happened to look to my right as I passed its archway that I happened to see what's in there and knew to go back and photograph it later in the day.

Today was my presentation day, and all went well (save for the fact that my audience was on the small side).  People by whom I wanted to be seen were in my audience and have professed themselves to be impressed; other people by whom I wanted to be seen were not in my audience but have professed themselves to feel quite bad about that fact.  Both of these are desirable enough outcomes.

By the afternoon, I was so tired that all I really wanted to do was schlep back to Foyles, but when I returned to my room to read for just a few minutes and then head northward, I found myself instead wanting to take a brief nap.  And so I did.  And tonight, I plan to get a good, full night's sleep, because this trip is hurtling toward its close all too swiftly.

Tonight: Turkish food and wine, which brings my collection of this trip's national cuisines to four (counting the French breakfast on Sunday, the Moroccan dinner on Sunday, and the Lebanese dinner on Monday).  Perhaps I can find one more good one--Italian, say?--for tomorrow.