The weekend's score?

Surveying my past two days, I find that I have graded 28 response papers (from two different classes) and 17 topic proposals.  Which still leaves, oh, 38 essays to grade (for real), but to make any forward motion at all feels darned good.  I made it more than halfway through!

Meanwhile, when I woke up this morning and stretched, all the muscles laced over my ribcage groaned at me a little, leaving me to think, "Are these...body aches?  Do I have...H1N1?"  Accordingly, I spent most of the day mostly horizontal, reading and reading and napping, just in case my body is fighting something off.  Late in the day, as I played tug-of-war with the monster dog and one of his many braided rope toys, I realized that it's possible that we played tug-of-war especially vigorously yesterday, thereby causing me to strain my abs--because they do indeed feel the way they do after I've gone to a good yoga class.  I suspect that I should take this as a sign that I need to do enough work with my abs that playing with the dog won't make them hurt like I'm flu-stricken.

It's been that kind of weekend.